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The Magic of the MLS....and why it's not ALL you need!

The Magic of the MLS....and why it's not ALL you need!

The Magic of the MLS ... and why it's not ALL you need!

My wife loves her Facebook Mommy groups ... and who can blame her. For centuries people have formed clubs, organizations, fraternal groups all for the purpose of camaraderie and association of like interests. It was from one of these groups that she recently read to me an interesting comment.

Someone was asking for Real Estate advice and requested others share their selling experiences. One group member replied to "Go cheap - nowadays the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is all you need to sell the house, the agent doesn't do anything". When she read that to me I just smiled. It's a common statement. It's also a common misconception and a costly mistake.

It's easy to think the MLS is doing all the work when the market is as hot as it is. Many homes will be listed on MLS this year and sell - quickly even - giving the impression little work is needed. But here is an interesting statistic. Last year, in the Hamilton / Burlington area, just over 20% of homes listed on the MLS didn't sell. That's 1 in 5. I guess the MLS system isn't as "all powerful" as some would have you believe.  After all, for those 20%, something went wrong.  The MLS didn't work for them.

There is definitely more needed to get a home sold in today's hyper-competitive market. What, you ask? An aggressive marketing plan, attractive marketing materials, a tough negotiator, pin-point pricing and an intimate knowledge of the market just to mention a few. Listing on the MLS sometimes does work to "get the home sold" with very little extra effort, but by combining the activities I just mentioned, not only will your home sell, but it will sell for TOP dollar. Maximize your sale! A 1% or 2% difference in your sale price here in Hamilton can translate into a $5,-$10,000 dollar difference! A comprehensive plan and effective execution of that plan will put more money in your pocket every time, guaranteed.

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