Food Truck Frenzy

It is the latest rage in eating out.  A food truck by the side of the road, at a street festival or catering your wedding.  Wait!  What was that?!

Yep, as I speak a food truck or two is prepping to cater a wedding tonight in Burlington.  It suits the happy couple so why not?  I love the way weddings are becoming more about the bride and groom's personalities than about tradition.

But that is a little off topic.  The point is that Hamilton has many a food truck showing up in various locations across the city.  Many of them are as unique as their names such as "The Salted Pig" or "Gorilla Cheese".  The best way to follow their location is to befriend them on Facebook or follow their Twitter feeds.  After all, a restaurant on wheels may not be in the location you last found them!

Or if you are unsure what kind of food is striking a chord with your mood, check out Food Truck Alley on Aberdeen Avenue just east of Longwood Road in Hamilton for a variety of food trucks all in one place.  Trucks from all across Ontario will be visiting at different points during the summer months.  Bring along a lawn chair or pop down the tailgate and enjoy some food truck fare with some friends.

The sun is shining and the forecast is calling for a great weekend.  Be safe, have fun, and find maybe enjoy something tasty and unique out the window of a truck!

*Update - For those in the Waterdown area, Food Trucks will be at St. James United Church on Parkside every Monday throughout the summer, from 4-8pm.  Vendors include Dobro Jesti, Urban Express, Kool Jim's and Great British Bake.  Proceeds go to outreach programs. (Souce: Flamborough Review, June 19)