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Adventures in Real Estate - Episode 1 - The One With the Fleas

A few years ago the office I was working for had a contract to sell homes that the bank had "reposessed". To list the home, I needed to take photos and then recommend the repairs that were needed to bring it up to selling standard. After visiting one such property, I decided that there wasn't that much that needed to be done ... just a few patches on the wall and cleaning of the carpets. I was headed back over the Skyway bridge when my hand started to itch. Not thinking anything of it, I scratched and continued on listening to the radio. Only problem was the "itch" just wouldn't go away. I looked down at my hand to see a flea. I flicked it away, but then wondered where it had come from. I looked down at my pants to find they were just covered in the little critters. I immediately called my wife.

"We're at Defcon 1 here!", I said.
"What's wrong?", my wife asked.
"Did you say fleas?"
"Oh my" was all my wife could say.

I told her to have a garbage bag ready when I drove into the garage. I had heard that if you put your clothes into the freezer, it would kill the fleas and then you could then have the clothes cleaned.

Driving into the garage, I jumped out of the car. I stood there in front of my wife who looked me over. "Oh ya, you are covered" she said, ever the pillar of calm. Stripping down in my garage I put the clothes into the garbage bag and ran up the stairs into our shower.

I guess I wasn't fast enough as I ended up having to get the my carpets, the car, and my clothes cleaned.

I also recommended that the bank have the house fumigated, which they did.

Real Estate by the Numbers - August 2013

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