Who is "He" Working For?

Real Estate is an interesting sales career.  In most sales careers, the individual is working for a company selling their products (eg. The Xerox sales rep) or might be selling their services (a mechanic, a lawyer, Molly Maid).  What's unique about Real Estate is that the real estate Sales Representative is really selling his/her "skill set" along with their services in order to sell YOUR home.  At the end of the day, we work, for YOU!

What brought this to the forefront recently was a chance encounter I had with another Realtor while out shopping.  He works for one of the smaller brokerages in town.  His conversation started out like most agents do, boasting about himself and how great he was.  He regaled me with stories about the numerous offers he had written (and lost out on), the crushing amount of clients he was servicing, and how he would never work for an "expensive company like Re/Max".  "Interesting," I thought.  He was correct in pointing out that the business expenses of a large internationally recognized company are higher than the fees he was paying at the small local company he worked for.  But my curiosity was peaked.  I asked him if he knew what benefits would come from working at a company like Re/Max.  He said he didn't really care, that he would never "spend the money to work there".

I asked myself, "Who does this agent really work for?"  There are more benefits than you can count working for an internationally connected and recognized brand.  And here is the key; here is why you should care:

Those benefits are passed onto our clients, for THEIR benefit when buying or selling!

Re/Max Escarpment agents bring more to the table:

So the next time you are thinking about buying or selling, ask yourself this question: "Who is s/he REALLY working for?"  Are they working just for themselves?  Or do they put their money where their mouth is, and work for YOU?