The Magic of the MLS....and why it's not ALL you need!

The Magic of the MLS....and why it's not ALL you need!
The Magic of the MLS ... and why it's not ALL you need! My wife loves her Facebook Mommy groups ... and who can blame her. For centuries people have formed clubs, organizations, fraternal groups all for the purpose of camaraderie and association of like interests. It was from one of these groups that she recently read to me an interesting comment. ...
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Condominiums - FAQs {Part 2}

Condominiums - FAQs {Part 2}
More answers to your condominium questions! Q) What is a reserve fund? Is it the same as a reserve fund study? A) A reserve fund is a fund that is used for the purpose of major repair and replacement of the common elements and assets of the corporation. It is not the same as a reserve fund study. A reserve fund study is a periodic review to determi...
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First Time Home Buying - Where to Start? {Mortgage Approval Documents}

First Time Homebuying - Mortgage Approval Documents One of the most critical parts of buying your first home (or any home) is the Mortgage. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the cash to purchase the home outright, you will need a mortgage to complete the purchase. To make this process as easy and straight forward as possible, I always re...
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Condominiums - FAQs {Part 1}

Condominiums - FAQs {Part 1}
FAQs - Condominiums - {Part 1} Q) What exactly is a "condominium" in Ontario? A) Often times when discussing  the word "condominium" with clients, they immediately think of a 30 floor sky scraper, the kind that often dots the skyline of cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. The reality though, is that the word "condominium" doesn't descr...
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What Should I Do Before Selling My Home?

Often times when I visit someone who is considering listing their property for sale, I'm asked "Should I paint", or "Should I finish the basement", or "Should I reno the kitchen" before we sell? The assumption is that by making these improvements they will be able to net a higher price. Unfortunately the answer isn't always as clear cut as "Yes" or...
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