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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

It seems as though Spring may finally be here to stay.  As wonderful as spring is, it is also a busy time of year for home owners as outside maintenance is added to the demands of inside maintenance.

Seeing as I am not a handyman and don't really have much authority to speak to those kinds of issues, I turned to the experts to help me with my list of outdoor musts for spring.  Bob Vila is one of those experts and here is his much abbreviated list of spring home maintenance:

  • Roof - While you don't need to climb up on your roof, Bob suggests taking a pair of binoculars to scan your roof for any problems or potential problems.
  • Chimney - Check the joints between bricks or stones to be sure no mortar has fallen out. 
  • Exterior Walls - Check for water stains to determine if gutters need replacing.
  • Foundations - Examine your foundation for any cracks.  If you find one, call the experts!
  • Windows - Check that caulking and weatherstripping remain entact.
  • Air Conditioning units - Change your filter and be sure your outside unit is clear of leaves and debris.
  • Lawn - Rake to remove dead grass and leaves; overseed your lawn.
  • Decks and Patios - Give your deck or patio a good cleaning and check for any loose or splintered boards.
  • Outdoor furniture / grills - Give these a thorough cleaning and a good check for rust, structural issues and sound gas / propane connections.

So there you have it.  For more detail on each of these areas, link directly to Bob's site and read through the entire article. 

And, Happy Spring!

*photo Vladislav-Dreamstime

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