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Hamilton's 105 Years of Supies!

Hamilton's 105 Years of Supies!

Here's a piece of Hamilton Trivia for you?  Where was Hamilton's first playground?

 This summer, Hamilton celebrates 105 years of "Supies" running programs for our kids in local parks.  It was in July 1909 that Hamilton's first playground program was launched.  It was created by the local women's council for the purpose of providing supervised play spaces and equipment that would promote the mental, moral and physical well-being of children. 

At the time, it was a social experiment.  Experiment or not, it was an immediate success and a huge hit with the kids. The program took off with new playgrounds opening every year as the population of Hamilton began to grow.  However, it was not all smooth sailing as several playgrounds closed during the Great Depression but civic leaders recognized the program's importance and kept adapting the program to the changing times.

In 1958, it became known as the "Summer Playlot Program" and supervised 43 playlots.  In 2010, it received a new name, the "Summer Supie Program" and it now boasts a hearty 87 supervised playlots.

It is funny to think that my hubby, a born and bred Hamiltonian, played in the park with the Supies, and his children have had fun doing the same, decades later.  It is even more amusing to think that there are those in Hamilton whose great-grandparents spent time with their Supie in the park near their home.  It really is a great piece of Hamilton's history. 

The Summer Playlot Program runs from June 30th to August 15th.  It is a free, drop in program for children ages 6-12 years.  Parents are welcome to come along and participate with their children.  To find the playlot in your neighbourhood, visit or phone 905-546-2424 x3256

The answer to the question?  Hamilton's first playground was at Hess Street School.  Happy 105th! *Article adapted from Hamilton's Recreation magazine, Spring and Summer 2014

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