This corner of our website contains a little bit about us and the news from our office - and a little bit about you, our clients.  Additionally, we'll post helping information (i.e. moving tips, selling tips, first-time-home buyer tips) and more so that you can make a wise decision about buying, selling and paying for your home.

Real Estate by the Numbers - August 2013

August was another great month for owning Real Estate in Hamilton. Average sales increased 8% while average prices increased a little more than 5% year over year, according to the Realtors Association of Hamilton / Burlington. Hamilton still offers considerable value compared to other areas, specifically the GTA. Average sale prices were:Hamilton W...
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Adventures in Real Estate - Episode 1 - The One With the Fleas

A few years ago the office I was working for had a contract to sell homes that the bank had "reposessed". To list the home, I needed to take photos and then recommend the repairs that were needed to bring it up to selling standard. After visiting one such property, I decided that there wasn't that much that needed to be done ... just a few patches ...
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