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8 Easy Ways to Make your Kitchen Green

8 Easy Ways to Make your Kitchen Green

For many of us going greener can seem too complicated and time consuming.  With a house full of kids, I know the feeling!  So here are eight EASY ideas for reducing your carbon footprint in your kitchen.

8 Easy Ways to Make your Kitchen Green

1. Clean with Baking Soda and Vinegar - not only is this eco friendly but it is uber-cheap and will leave your kitchen sparkling!  Grab a large spice container and fill it up with baking soda so you can just shake it out when you need it. 

2. Invest in Reusable Containers - glass or plastic, it's your choice, but try to reduce your use of aluminum foil and plastic bags. 

3. Cook small amounts in smaller appliances - a crock pot, microwave or toaster oven uses approximately 30% less energy than cooking or reheating small amounts in your big oven.  Or reheat a little leftovers in a small frying pan on the stove.

4.  Use your dishwasher - although it seems very counter-intuitive, running a full dishwasher actually saves water as compared to hand washing.  This is especially true if you use the economy cycle or turn off the heat and let the dishes air dry.

5.  Compost - it is really not that gross.  For most of us in Hamilton, this has become standard practice with our green buckets.  But have you ever considered dumping your coffee grounds or tea leaves into your plants or out onto your lawn?  Just open the door and pitch them out onto the lawn!

6.  Use cloth napkins and rags - although not for the same purpose!  Use cloth napkins at the table and keep a pile of rags under the sink to wipe up spills and messes.  The amount you will save on paper napkins and towels will definitely add up, not to mention being more tree-friendly.

7.  Buy in bulk - approximately $.10 of every food dollar goes towards the packaging of products.  Purchase larger containers of juice, yogurt, applesauce, etc., and fill smaller containers for lunches.  Fill several at a time and refrigerate until needed.  It only takes a few moments and the pennies you save will add up! (Try some like this or this

8. Put elastics around containers in use in your fridge - my hubby's brilliant idea!  Ever discover you have multiple containers of sour cream or cream cheese on the go all at the same time, then end up pitching half full containers that have gone moldy?  Wrap an elastic around the container currently in use and transfer when you start another one.  Genius!

I'd love to hear your ideas on how I can make my kitchen greener in 2014!  Leave me a comment!


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